Dinosaurs Killed by Thousand Year Long Meteor Shower

Monday, August 30, 2010

Were the dinosaurs killed by an ice age? A meteor shower? Aliens? A new study shows that dinosaurs were likely killed by a meteor shower, but not one that sent a few rocks to earth. The meteor shower that killed the dinosaurs lasted thousands of years.

Previously, scientists believed that a single meteor strike killed the dinosaurs. The giant Chicxulub crater in the Gulf of Mexico is usually regarded as the site of the dino-killing meteor strike, but an impact crater in the Ukraine is making scientists rethink their meteor shower theory.

The Telegraph reports that the crater in the Ukraine, the Boltysh Crater, predates the Chicxulub crater by thousands of years. A new crater which was found inside the Boltysh Crater, has led scientists to believe that the meteor shower that killed the dinosaurs was not a one time occurrence, but a shower that spanned over thousands of years.

Whether one or hundreds of meteors killed the dinosaurs, will continue to be debated, but in the meantime, NASA has developed a program to make sure that we don't meet the same fate. The SpaceGuard program keeps a watchful eye on the sky in an attempt to give us early warning of a meteor impact.

But as of now, detection is the only part of the SpaceGuard program that has been completely fleshed out. Deflecting a meteor is another problem entirely, and the only answers to that problem are coming from Hollywood.

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