Dinosaur Museum Lehi, Utah by Sergey Egorov

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Museum of Ancient Life has the distinction of being the world's largest display of mounted dinosaurs. Not only will you meet our fierce prehistoric friends at the museum, though, you'll also become a part of their world. While you're weaving through the exhibits, chirps of insects and growls of ancient creatures greet you in each hall. Exhibits like the Erosion Table and the Fossil Dig give you an opportunity be a part of the science of paleontology. Needless to say, this is not an ordinary museum.

Guests are invited to touch actual fossils and feel real dinosaur bones and eggs, as well as other displays.Exhibit halls are designed to immerse guests in the subject matter, using expansive murals, soundtracks, plants and gurgling streams.

There are 50 interactive, hands-on displays within the exhibit halls.With 60 complete skeletal displays, the Museum of Ancient Life is the world's largest dinosaur exhibit.

The Museum of Ancient is home of the most extensive display of original fossils in the state of Utah.A working paleontology lab operated by Western Paleontology is located within the museum and can be observed by guests as they tour the exhibit halls.

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