Dinosaur Extinction Model with Weighted Factors

Monday, August 2, 2010

Factor Weight as a PercentDiscussion
Food Supply Diminished14%The food supply may have been diminished as a result of the
1) Asteroid striking and smoke and dust blocking the sun
2) as the result of climate change (see below).
Disease12%Like any other animal, dinosaurs may have gotten sick: bacteria, viruses. It is known, for example, that some dinosaurs had a condition much like modern arthritis.
Climate Change12%Climate may have changed as the result of explosions from an asteroid strike, smoke from volcanoes, the precession of the earth (a repeating cycle lasting about 15,000 years). Evidence for temperature decline is growing steadily.
Other Factors 5%
Sea Level Change 5%
Explosions and fire 5%
Pollution (CO, CO 2, etc.) 5%
Volcanoes 5%
Predator Imbalance2%
Egg Stealing1%The evolution of an animal that ate one particular dinosaur's eggs (more than others) may have prevented any eggs from that species from hatching. The result would be that that dinosaur would die out. If we ate every chicken egg in the world, there would be no more chickens.
Photo Period Interruption
(change in length of night and day)
1%The length of a day could change because of dust or smoke in the atmosphere, a change in the orbit of the earth (moving closer or farther from the sun), a change in the speed of the rotation of the earth (shorter days), or precession (which would change the amount of light on the north and south hemisphere.
Change in Light Balance1%If the balance in the the spectrum of light reaching the earth changes, some animals can no longer stay alive. Slightly more or less ultraviolet light, for example, is enough to cause some bacteria to become extinct.
Low species diversity1%Animals depend upon other animals for food and to keep the environment in balance. If too many animals become extinct, then other animals don' t have enought to eat.
Misc:> 1% Gravity shift to greater gravity.
Dinosaurs too physically heavy to survive change.
Total of all factors100%


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