Monday, July 12, 2010

Dino Extinction by Super Nova
Aaaaah, the night sky is so beautiful! Stars shine out of the black depths of space with thousands of colors and brightnesses. Here in the late Cretaceous, the constellations, and even the stars themselves, are completely different from the stars humans will see 65 million years from now. The brightest star in our skies, our very own "Dinostar," is brighter than any star humans will ever see--a brilliant red jewel as bright as the full Moon. But "Dinostar" has been behaving strangely for the past few years. . .

Hey! What's this?! "Dinostar" is suddenly getting brighter and brighter! It's as bright as the noon-day Sun! It's. . . , it's exploding! It's becoming a supernova!

The skies glow with huge aurorae as high-energy radiation from the explosion hits the upper atmosphere. The night sky is becoming as bright as day--it's like having a sun for the nighttime too! What a great way to get a quick tan! But wait!


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