Dinosaur bones in block of sandstone

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sometimes when you see a dinosaur skeleton in a museum, you're looking at a cast of the bones, while the real ones remain safely stored away. Try this to make a cast of some bones or other special objects around your house!
You will need:

* modelling clay, plasticine or potter's clay
* a piece of bone (eg. chicken) or a shell
* petroleum jelly or castor oil
* a small brush
* Plaster of Paris

Making the impression or mould:

* Knead the clay or plasticine in your hands until it is soft.
* Press it flat so that it is about 2 cm thick (a rolling pin is suitable for this).
* Brush the bone or shell with oil or petroleum jelly (so that it doesn't stick) and push it into the clay.
* Carefully remove the bone or shell.

The impression of the bone or shell is similar to the impression left by dinosaur bones. Fossils were made when dinosaurs, plants, shells and even insects were covered in mud. They slowly decayed leaving just an impression.


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